I’m Not Into Politics = Not My Problem

You ask somebody in NC what they think about the recent bill re:LGBT and transgender rights, and they might say “idk i’m not into politics.”

But it’s not about being into politics.

People ignore that politics is merely a means (a process) to an end – whether that end is social equality, financial reform, health care – things that affect our day to day lives, depending on our individual situation.

When people, or even businesses, say “I’m not into politics” or “I’m not political” – what they are really saying is “I don’t care because this particular issue is someone else’s problem”/”it doesn’t affect my bottom line” (bc you don’t hear someone say “idk, i’m not really into what happens to *my life”)

Hypothetical: Your city or state or country announced its raising *everybody’s taxes by 30% (to build roads or hire public school teachers or give all cops body cams). How many of us will shrug and say “idk i’m not into politics” and pay +30% tax feeling nothing at all.

Or, you live in Russia or China or some country where you just accept everything, good or bad, personal or someone else’s problem, because Putin/Xi don’t give a shit what you think and how you feel, or its *dangerous to be *political.

Nobody is going to care about everything, but everybody cares about something.


And rarer still, are those who have greater empathy for those unlike themselves are being harmed: