Letters to Millenials

My first full-time job out of college included the duties of hauling loads of trash – by a two-wheeled wagon – to a burn pit. Then I’d get to go home early some days after I sprayed pesticide, because the boss said better safe than sorry, go home early to take a shower, in case any of the pesticides got on my skin. That’s what you get for being a #forestry major, rather than an english major! I lived at home and took the bus to work.
Workin’ in a greenhouse, grafting shit, fertilizing shit, hauling shit to the burn pit…. 
Actually, that experienced served well a decade later as a Captain in the Marines assigned to Multi-National Force Iraq, where General Paxton, then Petraeus’ Chief-of-Staff, reminded the staff officers, that regardless of your rank, “some days you’re the peacock; some days you’re the feather duster.”

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