Excellence in the Basics

In the Marine Corps’ Basic Officer’s Course, there is instruction in field first aid. academically, 80% is passing, but the instructors will tell you – that’s not good enough, because in real life, 80% might still = dead. A motto at Basic School is, appropriately, “Excellence in the Basics”
anyway, US GED education should really include two important courses:
(1) Personal Finance (this would undoubtedly have benefited Talia Jones, disgruntled former-Yelp millennial, and many others)
(2) Civics/US Government – this would have benefitted even Donald Trump, who campaigns on promises of unconstitutional Executive action
This is about addressing a cause of so much of our socio-economic-political dysfunction, not the symptoms.
The fact that significant swathes of our nation are, frankly, ignorant as fuck, when it comes to the Basics.


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