A new beginning

The first half of the 1900s was defined by the two World Wars. Most of the latter half was defined through the “Cold” War. From 1989-present, a relatively brief 20+ years, the narrative has been Globalisation (though hardly a global phenomena, or an uneven one at best).
Well, maybe this is the beginning of *that end. 
I’d bet more on the possibility of Brexit and the unraveling of the EU, more than a Trump presidency, but the tides of nationalism/tribalism are everywhere. (And the reality is, the former can’t be simply reversed in another four years; whereas US presidential elections are an every-four year event, the European Project is a generational one)
Most America will go on – as the world shifts and changes across two oceans – too busy re-arranging house, without due attention to the fires outside.
But what the next period will be defined by … those ripples will surely reach our shores.


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