How Trump schlongs his base

A problem with the most fanatical of Trump’s base is this – *if Trump does not win, whatever legitimate concerns they have, independent of whatever illegitimate views they may have been peddled, don’t just go away and deserve to be heard.
But supposing a not-Trump candidate wins, and wants to represent all Americans and address those legitimate concerns (jobs, whatever) – how do you do that when Trump has peddled the idea (amongst others) that your election was a fraud not worth recognizing?
How do you try and help people who probably would not even accept a chance to be heard. You can’t try and accommodate those who dont recognize your legitimacy in the first place; they won’t allow it and imply that you are the someone properly elected to deal with those issues.
So that is the biggest disservice Trump has done to his supporters when it comes to voting fraud claims.
He is putting them in position where they will by their own convictions choose to not have a voice at the table (to the extent it may be offered).
The big Fuck You may be said toward, presumptively HRC, but ultimately when it comes to how American democracy works, he is schlonging the butthole of his own base.


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