The #NFL is the prime sporting venue to witness how athletes perform under stress – not #MLB, not the #NBA, not the #NHL. You could have a World Series at-bat, Game 7 free throw, Stanley Cup penalty shot – but none has the same pressure of an NFL quarterback dropping back against a oncoming pass rush: none comes with Oh-Shit-Im-gonna-get-crushed fear that can trigger actual *survival instincts.
Every Sunday, from September through December, every year, you see one NFL QB make terrible decisions under duress (throwing into coverage, not seeing a defender), while another steps into the pocket and deliver strikes under the same pressure (or wisely throwing the #football away). All of them are tremendous athletes – even the worst starting QB in the league is probably a top 50 QB in the world.
That’s why the NFL is the premiere showcase of how what’s between a person’s head matters, and really separates those who may be *tremendously Gifted athletes – but no more – and those who are natural warriors. 


Pussy Generation

Been thinking about Political Correctness and the use of the word “Pussy”, and thought of #ClintEastwood. And you know what, the word could be used more. My turn (five mental jumping jacks, and go):
America’s #Pussies should just Get Over #ColinKaepernick’s free speech. People are offended by that, but not racist or sexist speech? Quit being a Pussy – this is part of living in a Free Society, as guaranteed by our amazing Constitution. Be an American, and stand up for others’ right to express things you disagree with, in a manner they choose fit. Be proud that our society permits and one would think embraces that free expression.
If there is such a thing as Reverse- #PoliticalCorrectness (like Reverse Discrimination), this could be what it looks like: demanding nothing less than ostentatious displays of “Patriotism”


IOS update for deplorables

Many Trump supporters do have #deplorable *attitudes steeped homo/xeno-phobia and racism. 
I suspect there is a direct correlation with the fact that many (or at least significantly greater percentages when compared to those supporting HRC) are white and have never left their hometowns.

 It’s much easier to be a homophobic racist when your life experience does not involve exposure to different/minority cultures, norms, lifestyles, and when you haven’t learned to develop empathy and the ability to see different points of view. 

One could argue, that in a globalized, digital, age, such Long Island insularity is no excuse.

But then again, it’s like that annoying IOS update reminder. 

Those who cling to their deplorable attitudes are likely the ones who consistently press “later”, refuse to update, and complain about having to change how they think.


Fast Riders, Strong Leaders?

Of course Putin appears to be a “stronger” leader. He presides over an authoritarian regime, and doesn’t have to deal with an oppositional Duma, free press allowed to criticize the Kremlin, and constitutional checks and balances.   
Put me on a horse and Victor Espinoza on a donkey, and I’m going to appear to be the faster rider.
You could agree with some superficial assessments, but to take it at face value, for the typical FB troll, is silly. For the Candidate himself to hold such #SelfDelusions, reflecting a lack of understanding of the constitutional democracy he seeks to lead, its frightening.
One of the things they used to tell us at the Marine Corps’ Basic School, was “if you can lead your peers, then you can lead Marines.”
The implication was, that at Basic Officers Course, with all lieutenants – getting your peers to work together to accomplish the mission, peers you held no actual authority over – then the *real Marine Corps with enlisted Marines who by oath would be bound to follow your orders would be a piece of cake.