Fast Riders, Strong Leaders?

Of course Putin appears to be a “stronger” leader. He presides over an authoritarian regime, and doesn’t have to deal with an oppositional Duma, free press allowed to criticize the Kremlin, and constitutional checks and balances.   
Put me on a horse and Victor Espinoza on a donkey, and I’m going to appear to be the faster rider.
You could agree with some superficial assessments, but to take it at face value, for the typical FB troll, is silly. For the Candidate himself to hold such #SelfDelusions, reflecting a lack of understanding of the constitutional democracy he seeks to lead, its frightening.
One of the things they used to tell us at the Marine Corps’ Basic School, was “if you can lead your peers, then you can lead Marines.”
The implication was, that at Basic Officers Course, with all lieutenants – getting your peers to work together to accomplish the mission, peers you held no actual authority over – then the *real Marine Corps with enlisted Marines who by oath would be bound to follow your orders would be a piece of cake. 


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