IOS update for deplorables

Many Trump supporters do have #deplorable *attitudes steeped homo/xeno-phobia and racism. 
I suspect there is a direct correlation with the fact that many (or at least significantly greater percentages when compared to those supporting HRC) are white and have never left their hometowns.

 It’s much easier to be a homophobic racist when your life experience does not involve exposure to different/minority cultures, norms, lifestyles, and when you haven’t learned to develop empathy and the ability to see different points of view. 

One could argue, that in a globalized, digital, age, such Long Island insularity is no excuse.

But then again, it’s like that annoying IOS update reminder. 

Those who cling to their deplorable attitudes are likely the ones who consistently press “later”, refuse to update, and complain about having to change how they think.


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