The #NFL is the prime sporting venue to witness how athletes perform under stress – not #MLB, not the #NBA, not the #NHL. You could have a World Series at-bat, Game 7 free throw, Stanley Cup penalty shot – but none has the same pressure of an NFL quarterback dropping back against a oncoming pass rush: none comes with Oh-Shit-Im-gonna-get-crushed fear that can trigger actual *survival instincts.
Every Sunday, from September through December, every year, you see one NFL QB make terrible decisions under duress (throwing into coverage, not seeing a defender), while another steps into the pocket and deliver strikes under the same pressure (or wisely throwing the #football away). All of them are tremendous athletes – even the worst starting QB in the league is probably a top 50 QB in the world.
That’s why the NFL is the premiere showcase of how what’s between a person’s head matters, and really separates those who may be *tremendously Gifted athletes – but no more – and those who are natural warriors. 


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