Been thinking about how restless I get, and how it sometimes feels like when I travel its to *seek something. But what?
Bopping all over western Europe, I usually get restless in any one city after just a few days. It’s not because I get *bored – there is plenty to do.
Then I think about the time I was in Afghanistan where I was plenty bored. It’s not like I was Seal Team Six (with movies editing out real life downtime on some stinking COP with nothing to do but workout). And there I never felt *restless.
I’ve concluded that it’s not about new things to see and do to keep you occupied, busy.
It’s the *uncertainty that I crave – even in the frequent lulls of boredom, in #Afghanistan, you never knew when shit was gonna happen.
The *uncertainly is what makes you feel *alive. Not just *awake and going through the motions of life. 
Maybe that is why when people ask me

my most memorable trips in the past few years, I say #Kyiv – standing at Maidan Nezalezhnosti where the smoked out buildings and flowers for fallen Ukrainian soldiers remain fresh and the future uncertain.
Or #Morocco, where, in the words of Afghan-born British author Tahir Shah:
“… the lack of safety was an energizing force, but at the same time it was a constant concern…. For the first time in my life I became completely alert. In the West, you can drift from day to day in the knowledge that society will protect you and your children…. But after five minutes on North African soil, I knew it was up to me to guard my family. No one else was watching them. As our first year in Morocco drew to a close, I found myself thinking a great deal about the move. The learning curve had been severe. I concluded that a life not filled with severe learning curves was no life at all.” 


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