Explaining something to someone who (a) knows nothing, is oftentimes much easier than explaining something to someone who (b) already has preconceived ideas about something, and believe they already know all there is to know.

(a) is like explaining to someone, not necessarily a big movie buff, that #WhalesVagina is an Anchorman reference and metaphor for people resistant to facts and changing their minds any least bit (#TrumpBase). It’s really not that hard.

(b) is like trying to teach an English speaker to read Arabic – now you are challenging a person’s set way of seeing, processing, and understanding things. Their defensive reaction may be to lash out and say, “Everyone should speak English!” Trying to explain something – that there are other perspectives to what might be going on – to these people can be incredibly painful if not entirely futile (#HillaryPartisans)

1. See, also Of Caves and Myths, March 2016


3. “… these false beliefs were widespread among Republicans and Democrats alike…. This pattern suggests that these misperceptions are not the result of exposure to politicians’ false statements. Instead, they likely occur when respondents attempt to “fill in the blanks” about complex policy issues.

4. “… worse than knowing nothing at all.”


6.  A sense of proportion is sorely lacking

7. cf.


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